My Name is Sacha

I am a wife, a mother of two, and I am a jewelry designer. I come from a long line of geologists and gemologist on one side, and artists on the other.

In my house I grew up surrounded by precious and semi precious stones. I saw everything from pearls, opals and corals to rubies, emeralds and even extremely rare diamonds. On the other hand, I was always encouraged to explore my creativity in art, design, photography and music.

So it’s no surprise that the idea to design my own jewelry came about. I’ve always struggled to find that sweet spot between something that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The pieces I liked were always too expensive, and the ones I could afford too cheap looking. I needed that balance between great quality and affordability.

I had all the things necessary to create my own product: background in my family’s gemological knowledge and jewelry business, and a good sense for what is hip and trendy. I started drawing up some designs. Sketching images to be rendered. I became excited about the possibilities, with many new ideas emerging every daily. It was magical when I could finally see some of my ideas come to life. Some might even call it divine, which prompted the Spanish translation of the word for the brand name, put simply - DIVINA. I’m excited about this new brand and I hope you will fall in love with yours too.